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Volker Teske (Pty) Ltd

Volker Teske (Pty) Ltd is a family-owned company, which was established in 1978, by the late Volker Teske, a mechanical engineer from Berlin. After his unfortunate passing in 1990 the company has since been led by his wife Helga Teske a 2nd Generation Master Woodworker from Germany who was later joined by their son Ingo Teske in 2001.
Volker Teske (Pty) Ltd offers a full range of services. We manufacture machines, of which the Rotary Laminating Press with more than 400 units in operation and the range of Heavy-duty Sash Clamps are the most popular, to sourcing, installations and repairs of various machines.
We also overhaul or recondition locally sourced as well as imported second-hand machines directly from Germany and are the suppliers of various machine consumables and safety gear. Over the past 4 decades Volker Teske (Pty) Ltd has grown its network of suppliers to cover all Woodworking needs so even if we don't stock what you are looking for, we can either source it or point you in the right direction. We pride ourselves in finding the right solution to your woodworking problem that also won't hurt your pocket.