When it comes to A-Frame Presses, our Standard A-Frame Press stands out with top-notch specifications that cater to your pressing needs. The key specifications for our A-Frame Press are as follows:

Standard Size
The base model of our A-Frame Press boasts an impressive 1.2m x 2.5m capacity, providing ample space for your pressing tasks.

Comprehensive Clamp Setup
It includes 2 x 6 clamps and 2 x 3 side pressure clamps, ensuring that your workpiece is securely held in place during the pressing process.

Tailored Advice
Worried about which machine size is ideal for your specific requirements? Worry no more! We offer free consultation to help you determine the right machine size. Just provide us with the dimensions of your finished product, and if custom sizes are necessary, we can accommodate those too.

Versatile Sizing Options
Our A-Frame Presses are available in various sizes to suit your unique application. Whether you're working on small or large projects, we have the right size for you.

Dual-Sided Operation
With the ability to operate on both sides simultaneously, our A-Frame Press enhances productivity and efficiency.

Mounted on sturdy castor wheels, our press is designed for easy movement. You can effortlessly relocate it within your workspace as needed.

Fast and easy to operate, our A-Frame Press ensures that your pressing tasks are completed efficiently, saving you valuable time.

Adjustable Clamps
The clamps on our press are sideways adjustable, allowing you to tailor them to suit the dimensions of your workpiece precisely.

Space Optimization
Our A-Frame Press is designed to solve space-related challenges, making it an excellent choice for workshops of all sizes.

No Clamp Loss
Say goodbye to the frustration of losing clamps during work. Our A-Frame Press keeps your clamps secure and readily accessible.

Modular Design
Need to work on longer workpieces? No problem! Our press's modular design allows you to join two or more presses together, providing the extended length you need for your projects.

Clean and Organized Workspace
We understand the importance of a tidy working environment. Our A-Frame Press is built to ensure your workspace remains organized, even during demanding pressing tasks.

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